When Your Fans Want You to Write the Book But You Don’t

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

This is a hard one.   No one wants to disappoint one of their readers, especially readers who’ve stuck with you through all of your books.  But let’s say there was a secondary character that some people want a book for or a continuation of a series that you feel is complete.  Then what?  As easy as it is to say, “Write what you want,” it’s really not that easy.  The problem is that  you want to please your fans.  You want to give them what they want.

But you usually run into these roadblocks:

1. You feel the series is complete.

You know how readers get disappointed when the series stops being interesting so they go on forums and reviews to express their discontent?  Usually, you’ll see this with traditionally published books because those authors signed a contract saying they would write X number of books, and the publisher…

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