“Misery”: A Good Lesson for Writers

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

I’m going to admit that though I’d seen parts of the movie “Misery” and knew what happened in it, I never sat down and watched the entire thing until a week ago.  I’ve since watched it three times.  Stephen King really is a master of suspense.  He makes you wonder what will happen next.  But since Stephen King wrote the book that inspired the movie and since he’s a popular author, I imagine he might have felt some of the author’s angst while he wrote the book.  As an author, I can relate, and I think other authors can relate to this stuff, too.  Here’s what I mean…

1.  “I’m your number 1 fan.”

At first in the movie, this seems like such a sweet sentiment.  The smiling and seemingly helpless woman who rescues the author comes off as the ideal person to nurse him back to health.  Except, she’s…

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