Stupid Book Reviews

Book reviewers are absolutely entitled to their opinions.  It’s obvious that a lot of reviews are left to attack writers for personal reasons, and it’s usually another writer using a sock puppet account. There are also a lot of fake good reviews for books that don’t deserve it. They are unnecessary though, because no matter how many five star reviews a book gets, if it sucks, it won’t sell. At least, not for long. How else do you explain all those books with ten five star reviews, all ranked in the 200,000’s at Amazon?

None of that’s what I’m here to bitch about. I’m bitching about reviewers who use their review as a letter to customer support.

Here’s an example from Amazon where a customer docked the book a star because the package was ripped. Stupid. Review on the content of the book. Write to Amazon customer support if the packaging was bad.


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